Different Kinds Of Knives

As a cook or a chef, it is undoubtedly not unusual to own multiple types of knives in the kitchen. Just because there are numerous types of knives, it doesn’t mean that it has to be complicated. It depends on the amount of time that you are willing to spend on choosing the right kind of knives for your kitchen. You should use the right kind of knives for that exact purpose. This will make the task much more comfortable and faster, as well. Most people who cook have at least 5 different kinds of knives in their kitchen. Here is a list of the multiple types of knives that prove to be so useful while cooking.


  1. The chef’s knife , which is also referred to as the cook’s knife, proves to be the most important part of a knife set. A knife is typically broad at the blade part and is tapered towards the pointed end because it allows the knife to rock back and forth which is best for fast mincing. They are usually 7-12 inches long. A good length means that it is faster and easily slices away. Depending on the size of your hand you should choose one. These knives can be stamped and forged so that you can engrave and put anything you want on it. It is an important knife because you can use it for almost all kinds of tasks in the kitchen and proves to be a must-have item.
  2. A utility knife typically ranges from 4-7 inches and it always treated as a mini chef’s knife. It does a fantastic job cutting up fruits and vegetables and even some kinds of meat.
  3. The boning knife is mainly used to separate the meat from the bones. You can also use it to filet fish and cut up meat. It is also surprising and true that even vegetarians love this knife because it is easy to trim veggies with it. They range between 3-8 inches.
  4. The bread knife is used to cut bread, cakes, and even meat sometimes. They are designed in a clever way that never requires you squish the bread down while cutting it. It is designed to cut large chunks of bread, and these knives are 7-10 inches long. The blade has “teeth” along with it.
  5. The cleaver is considered the most weighted and bulkiest knife in the kitchen. A typical one has a thick spine and also an incredibly strong blade which allows the user to slice through meat and bones in a perfect chopping motion. You can even use it to chop up large things like pumpkins. This knife is a butcher’s best friend.
  6. The Pelletizer Knife is also a choice for people who prefer a separate knife for handling the cutting of things other than food. The pelletizer knives can cut through hard surfaces and used to cut the materials like rubber and metal into smaller pieces like petals, hence the name.