Tips For Hosting A Dinner Party

Hosting a party is one heck of a task! You have so much of responsibility on your shoulders – to ensure everything goes well and everyone returns home with smiling faces. But yes, being a host is not an easy job and finding menu ideas for a dinner party is one of the biggest tasks as a host. Just so you don’t end up being that freaky paranoid host, we’ve got some tips for you which will help you organize the perfect, smooth sailing dinner party. Let’s get started:


Schedule the date and send out invitations:
Fridays or Saturdays are perfect for hosting dinner parties, so choose one of these days to ensure you have maximum people turning up. Also, send out the invitations well in advance, a few weeks in advance – so that people can free up their schedules. For this, you need to figure out your guest list first. Plan whom to call, how many to invite so that you’ll be in a position to make arrangements accordingly.


Plan the food well:
Starters, main course, dessert –a perfect party has it all. What you need to do here is consider your preparation time of the dishes, this will help you start off the preparation of meals early on so that you can be a part of all the fun in the party too! You sure don’t’ want to be cooking all alone in the kitchen and then miss out on all the fun chatter going on outside!


Serve drinks on the go:
Make sure your drink refills are ready. Your guests are ringing into the weekend with your party, so expect them to want more drinks – and drinks are fun too. They compliment the food perfectly and also set the mood right! Way to go!

Make sure the trash can and dishwasher are empty:
Nothing is more annoying than having a pile of dirty dishes to wash after a party! So ensure your dishwasher is empty right before the party, so all the dirty dishes find their way (and your job is done too!). Also, ensure the trash can is empty – you don’t want a trash can over full with trash spilling outside it all!


Set the mood right:
Have some cool music going on in the back ( not too loud to interrupt people conversations!). Also, lights matter a lot – you can bring in a cozy feel with the right lights! Ambiance matters – and as it’s a home dinner party, you need to make sure it’s pretty chilled and laid back – not uptight and rigorous! And people love unwinding at chilled parties – so make sure you give them what they want!