10 Reasons why organic foods are better for you.

Organic food has been the rage for quite some time now, owing to the vast benefits it provides not only to consumers, but to the environment as well. If you’re having doubts on whether to go organic or not, here are 10 reasons why organic foods are better for you.

1) Organic Foods are almost always Non-GMO

GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms refer to produce that has undergone some sort of genetic enhancement which may make the product seem more colorful or larger in size but the reality is that scientists are unable to guarantee that these modified fruits and vegetables are a hundred-per-cent safe for consumption. Organic foods are locally grown by farmers and are almost always free of GMOs, making them a much safer alternative.

2) Organic foods are becoming available everywhere.

With people becoming increasingly more aware of what they eat, the demand for organics has skyrocketed in this decade. Today, almost every major supermarket or grocer offers organic versions of the most popular fruits, vegetables and animal products.

3) Organic foods are free of growth-promoting hormones and antibiotics.

Conventional farmers and large-scale producers often use hormones and antibiotics that make their produce mature faster while compromising on their quality. These chemicals often end up in our bodies after consumption and make digestion difficult while also leaving room for further complications. Organics ensure that the produce grows naturally, free of such chemicals.

4) Organic Foods are free of synthetic pesticides.

Pesticides are used to protect plants from being tainted by pests and pathogens. This may seem like a good thing, but in truth, synthetic pesticides often contain chemicals that cannot be broken down by our body and without adequate cleaning and washing, can even cause poisoning. Organics are grown by using natural, compost-based fertilizers and pesticides, preventing harmful side-effects.

5) Organic foods have higher nutritional value.

Organics are grown with care and proper nourishment instead of being forced to mature early using chemicals. Farmers focus on quality and not quantity when it comes to what they produce, making the produce rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty-acids.

6) Organic foods always taste better.

The care and attention with which organic farmers grow their crops also reflects in the superior flavor. Organic products are rich in flavonoids that give fruits, vegetables and animal products their unique richness.

7) Organic Foods have higher levels of healthy bacteria.

Organics are grown in areas that have had a healthy soil balance for generations. As a result, they often possess a high level of good bacteria that aid in digestion and boost our immunity. Many of the ‘superfoods’ that we hear about nowadays are mostly organic versions of conventionally grown produce.

8) Organic accurately reflects the cost of food production.

People often think that organics are costlier that conventional foods, however, that is not always the case. Organics focus on farm-to-plate production ensuring that the produce is free of preservatives and cold-storage which comes with overhead costs. Thus, organic farmers often offer the most honest prices for the produce that you receive.

9) Organic Foods are better for children.

Children are much more sensitive to chemicals that may not significantly affect adults. Many of these chemicals negatively affect healthy development and may cause a variety of problems including deficiency diseases and weaker immune systems. Organic foods offer proper nourishment for children at their critical age and also they can be consumed frozen with the same nutrition as before as healthy frozen foods for toddlers.

10) Organic foods reduce our exposure to cancer causing agents.

The organic versions of antioxidant-rich foods usually contain a considerably richer levels of healthy molecules that protect us from cancer and even help clear our blood of cancer-causing free radicals and waste materials.